Guide to buying a new Computer

DON’T buy that new computer without reading?


Most people purchase their new computer on an impulse buy and just go to a large outlet store and look at a price range they are willing to spend and if it looks in fashion without actually knowing what their buying, they have no idea how their new computer will perform for them. 

computer storeIt could be worse than this if they get no advice and just buy a computer from the internet that they really have no idea what they’re really buying

The advisor will tell them a particular unit will work or they could have spoken to someone that has some idea, and that’s all that matters to most people at the time.  Straight from the box it may work well and do just what they need it to but then they start installing all the other software they haven’t been asked about and then the problems may begin; it does not have adequate processing power or memory installed in the device.  The other flip to this is they sell them an overpowered unit that will do moneyclipeverything they need plus more than they will ever use, at a price tag five times more than was needed to be spent.

In general (not all cases) store advisers are just sales people with little or no training about the real world application and hardware the customer would need to use the unit for.


Their aim is to sell add-ons after they have reeled the customer in; add-ons will be the extended warranty and security software, then maybe an external storage or cloud storage too.  This is all very well, and in most cases may be needed and the correct advise however the main issue is how much professional knowledge they have on all the software out there that may be better for the customer’s situation.  Most of these large store advisers are again only trained on the products they sell in-store.  They cannot be non-bias on what they offer for the 

current situation

OK so you ask:-

  • What do we advise?
  • Don’t we sell certain products and brands of hardware and software too?

question mark

We would agree with you, we do, but we are also independent and can buy and sell any products and brands.  Yes, we are partners with some of the best companies and with that we will offer the best product and advice for these with all the backup support too.  When we advise on brands and products we make sure at Verbo Computers we sell you a solution that works for you whatever your requirements.

earWe will listen to what you need it for and we would give suggestions of other tasks you could use it for too. Time and time again we have seen the pitfalls of customers that come into us after buying in a large store and wishing they had not been so hasty with their impulse buy.

If our customers are not fully happy we do not give up until they are. Verbo Computers are only happy with 110% customer satisfaction, this is our goal every time for every sale.

Ok, so back to tips and question you should be aware of when buying a new Computer,

  1. List every task you use on your current unit and check you can do this on the new unit.
  2. List all current hardware and make sure it will work with the new units, you could have unexpected cost otherwise.
  3. What current software do you still what to run, do you want or need the latest software?
  4. Do you have your current software to reinstall along with product keys?
  5. Is your current software legal to install on to a new machine?
  6. Do you need a new monitor with the computer or is you current one ok?
  7. Which operation system do you have at present, do you have to change to a more current operating system?
  8. Do you want a laptop or desktop?
laptop or deskop
Laptop or Desktop?

So before you impulse buy come chat with us. Get a no obligation quote with no pressure to buy. We have even been known to advise where to buy if we can’t match on price but remember we give you an after support service. How can you afford not to talk to us first?

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