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Here at Verbo Computers, we regularly see customers with issues from malware and general programs on their computers that really cause their PC to slow down.  These programs may not always be as malicious or just to get money from you.  Sometimes malware just sits on the computer and uses up valuable memory, hence it becomes a piece of software not required and really only hinders the day to day running of your PC.

Now I can here you eagerly ask; How do I find and remove these myself? or how do I know if I have them on my computer?

The easy thing to do if you are an advanced user is go to your programs and features (add remove in XP) browse through and click to uninstall any programs on the bulleted list below. 

Oh no, I hear you cry where and what is Programs and Features?  How do I do that?  I need a simple step by step guide? 

However if not, choose from either the XP Users or Windows 7 or 8 instructions get your Computer back up to its useable speed again.  

XP Users

  1. Left Click start.
  2. Left Click on control panel.
  3. Click on Add/Remove Programs.
  4. Now look down this list and check if you have any of the programs from the full list at the bottom of the blog.
  5. If you found any left click on the uninstall button to the right.
windows xp log

Windows 7 or 8 

  1. Press your Windows key and just type Programs and Features, you may see this appear in the list above before you finish typing it, just left click on it.
  2. Now look down this list and check if you have any of the programs from the full list at the bottom of the blog.
  3. If you found any left click on the uninstall button at the top. 

windows 8 logo

Frequently found malware programs

  • Babylon (any listing)
  • Babylon Toolbar
  • Begin-Download FLV B2 Community Toolbar
  • Bettersurf Plus V1 (malware)
  • BrowserDefender
  • Bubble Dock – Check when you un install this ask you to agree to more to be installed.  Uncheck all items and don’t agree.
  • Buzz Dock
  • Delta Chrome Toolbar
  • Delta Toolbar
  • DriverUpdate
  • Feven 1.7
  • Film Fanatic Internet Explorer Toolbar
  • FLV Runner Toolbar
  • Glass Bottle
  • Grovover 2508xxxxx
  • iLivid
  • Iminet
  • My Scrap Nook Internet Explorer Toolbar
  • MyPC Backup
  • One Care System
  • One System Care
  • Optimizer Pro
  • Outfox
  • Overlook
  • PC Power Speed 1.0.0.xx
  • PotatoSmile
  • PriincueCoUpaon
  • Productools Manuals 2.1. Toolbar  (or any other similar Productools)
  • Productools Manuals 2.1.B Toolbar
  • QueenCoupon
  • Quick Block
  • Quick SEO PageRank Backlinks Alexa Tool
  • Quickshare 
  • RaidoRage Toolbar
  • RealAl
  • Rebate Informer by
  • RegClean Pro
  • RoouYaissHopperApp
  • RoyAAICouupon
  • SaaveITKeep
  • SafeRoweb
  • SaverAADdon
  • sAveron
  • SaverPaROA
  • savInogtOyou
  • Search Protect
  • Searchqu Toolbar
  • Shopndropp
  • ShoppFFun
  • SiteRanker
  • slimcleaner plus
  • Smartbar
  • SparkleBox Toolbar FOr IE
  • SpeedupmyPC (UniBlue)
  • Super Optimizer Pro (Any Version)
  • Sweetpack Updater Service
  • Television Fanatic toolbar
  • Time Warp
  • TiuccTACoupoN
  • TotalRecipeSearch Internet Explorer Toolbar
  • ttopbuyer
  • ttperFecoupon
  • Uniblue RegisteryBooster
  • Uniblue SystemTweaker
  • Updater By Sweetpacks (any version)
  • VideoDownloaderCoverter Internet Explorer Toolbar
  • Wajam
  • Web Bar 2.0.5582.1558
  • Web Cake 3.XX
  • Web Shield
  • Web Bar 2.0.5582.1558
  • Wajam
  • Wild Tangent Games  (the games you install can install the malware. This is install already when you buy the computer our advise is not to use it and uninstall from your computer)
  • WSE_Vosteran 
  • Wiseconvert Toolbar

We would also advise to download a free malware checker, the best tool we find is Malwarebytes. click here to download the installer this will install the latest version for you and you can then run a scan.

You can also signup for a 30 day free trial of F-secures Award winning premium protection. click here or for more information click here.

If you have any concerns Verbo Computers will happily take control of your pc remotely or in person and remove them for you.

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