Would You Allow A Complete Stranger To Walk Into Your Home?

We would like to think you would all say NO but we need to make you aware yet again of the same old telephone scam where someone is phoning saying they are from Window security or Microsoft and you have a problem on the pc.
The calls are very convincing, believable and easy to follow what you are being asked to do, however throughout the conversation they will tell you how at risk you are and how they can get you secure.  After they have your attention they will talk you through installing a software program on to your pc, last time it was TeamView and now it’s one called Ammyy which will give them access to view, delete and modify your pc to their hearts content.
TeamView is something we use ourselves and it can be used safely in the right circumstances with a trusted IT Company.
When Ammyy is running the scammers can also see everything you are doing so if you have to log into your bank or Paypal to make a payment they will be able to see your login details.
From our personal experience on a customer’s pc last week unlike TeamViewer, the Ammyy program had to be manually deleted from all temp files to stop it from reinstalling itself on reboot.  This all needs to be done before reconnecting to the internet.  Most importantly use reputable software, we would recommend F-Secure online scanner (www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_gb/online-scanner) to scan your computer after for any other software that may have been installed without your knowledge whilst they had control.
We spend so much time educating our children about stranger danger and forget to take note ourselves or to teach the other vulnerable people in our life’s like the elderly who may be easily duped because they are not so computer literate.
Our advice people is simple do not allow callers access to your pc, view them the way you would a stranger at your front door.  If you do realise after a time something is not right immediately disconnect your pc from the internet or switch off and then put the phone down.  Putting the phone down before switching off give them valuable seconds to cause damage so don’t give them the one up. 
If you are unfortunate enough to hear of anyone who has fallen into this scam advise them to immediately contact their banks and credit card provider to dispute any charges taken.  Reset all passwords, even the administrative password and user account passwords on the pc.  If they are not able to remove the software themselves tell them to call their local reputable IT Company or post a comment on this blog for our advice.
Please spread the word amongst everyone you know to avoid someone you know getting pulled in

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