Spam / Junk E-mail it not all rubbish

Spam / Junk E-mail it not all rubbish

Just a very quick blog (well was going to be) about what is Junk / Spam mail.
It has come to my attention on many occasions when I look through my Junk mailbox in Microsoft Outlook that some very important mail that are new enquiries or even a first reply to your mailshot you sent out last night are in there.  Personally, I always look in my junk mail like another inbox,  in fact I made a habit of this due to once missing an important client’s  message.  Yes of course it can and does happen even to me.
This is not just the supplier that could miss out,  it could be you too as the buyer that wanted the last item you had held for them.

Let me give you a true example from a customer of mine.

A potential customer, while at a show, ask for a item to be customised but only an email was given as a contact.  (Yes another error,  make sure to take more than one contact method.  This is were your system and process improve along with your customers services.) Sorry I diverse,  an email was sent to make sure they were happy with the item – no reply was received. You send another e-mail  – you get no bounce back message and no read receipt. 
The customer then turns up at a show 3 months later and ask if you had the item they had ordered (embarrassing moment).  You tell them you email twice and did not have any response and sold the item previous month as they had not been back.
Now this problem was corrected and they left a happy customer however this could have been a lost sale and customer.
Now the customer should have checked their junk mail too.  We should all check our junk mail as there may been very important e-mail in there you may or may not be expecting.

Example no 2.

Most people I meet renew their car or house insurance online now days,  rightly or wrongly they email reminders and policies.
Even these E-mails can, and do, end up in your Junk / Spam folder, So our message is check your Junk folder at least every few days before you empty them. 


If you find a e-mail you want to normally get in your inbox then right click and add to safe sender.
E-mails you see in your inbox you get that you keep deleting, such as that newsletter you say I’ll read the next one,  and then you delete it,  this will on it own start to go into the junk folder too.
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