Remote support packages

Our previous blog highlighted some nightmare scenarios of being hit with a virus, or having a serious IT malfunction whilst you are working remotely from home during the COVID crisis. Hopefully this will have reinforced how important it is to have a remote support package in place, especially when you don’t have the luxury of having your own IT team to call on for back up.

When you take out a remote support package with Verbo Computers, you will be invited to download an application called ‘Team Viewer’; this will enable us (with your permission) to gain remote access to your device.  That’s how we can identify problems and get them fixed before they become major issues for you.

All of our support packages include protection software called ‘F-Secure’, which gives additional piece of mind for you, as it provides advanced firewall security, a Software updater which will update automatically in real time and patch the holes.  This basically means that you have additional security to stop viruses, malware (software that attacks your computer) and hackers from attempting to ‘break-in’ to your computer to steal your data. It will also let us know if you click on any suspicious or ‘bad’ links, so that we can stop any nasties in their tracks.

Verbo Computers offer three main types of remote support package to keep you up and running, should the worst happen.  Here’s a summary of the benefits of each option:

Full Support: Full remote support, including F-Secure protection – Windows and other software updates, removal of viruses/malware/spyware, telephone support, back-up assistance.

Full Support plus Back-up: As above, but with the addition of regular assisted data back-ups and software upgrades.

Ultimate Support: As per the above options, but with the added benefit of a general device maintenance check at the start of the contract, plus up to four instances of on-site labour per year, in the rare event that any problems cannot be fixed remotely. Also includes up to four free workshop visits for any hardware issues.

We also offer a fourth ‘Workshop and full support’ option, details of which are available upon request.

There are no ‘hidden’ costs with Verbo Computers – we are transparent and honest about what we do. When you buy a remote support package with us, you know from the start exactly what you’re getting – along with a virus-free and speedy computer, that’s what makes a happy customer!

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