Tips For Being Safe On Your Mobile Device

The merriment of Christmas is behind us and a New Year of wonder. and sometimes worry, is in front of us.  Here are a few tips to help ease some of those worries with the new devices like mobile phones and tablets so lovingly given over the festive season, or about to be bought in the sales.

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Don’t buy a fashion accessory when buying a Smartphone.  Take time to research its features and how it can benefit you.  Learn its default settings when you purchase and turn off features not needed i.e. Bluetooth, GPS.  This will prolong the battery life and minimise security risks.

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Depending on the type of phone, the operating system may have encryption available. This can be used to protect the user’s personal data in the case of loss or theft.

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With the increase of bogus application on mobile markets you should look at the developer/company publishing the application and what you accept when agreeing to their terms.

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Protect your mobile device with a passcode.  Make sure your screen lock is set for minimum period of time for non-activity.  This will automatically lock your device stopping unauthorised usage.

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Formalise yourself with the applications that enable Geo-location. The application will track the user’s location wherever you happen to be. This application will be used maliciously

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Be aware that by modifying (rooting) your device from the way executed by the phone manufacturer will increase the vulnerability for it to be attacked. This will also stop some applications from working, for example BBC iPlayer and Sky Go.

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Be aware of connecting to unknown wireless networks and if you have to use them avoid using online banking and purchasing via debit card or PayPal.  Information of your details can be captured.

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When you upgrade your device and you decide to sell your old device ensure you factory restore and format the device any internal SD card.

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Treat your device the same as you treat your personal computer by not clicking on unknown links on emails or internet pages.  Be aware website addresses are now often shortened and you cannot be sure where they are linking to until you get there.

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Obtain an Awarding winning internet security software, F-Secure, to protect you from malware, viruses and other attacks. This has the added advantage of features such as added features of parental control, anti-theft/phone locate, call barring and even a facility to stop Sim change.

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