Upgrade to WINDOWS 10 ?

Just a quick update to everyone asking me
You may all have seen this little Windows sign in the bottom right of you screen and wondered or even clicked on this and got the main screen at the top of this page. I’m getting phone call after phone call asking “should I upgrade?”
The long and short of this is Windows 10 firstly does not launch until the 29th of July 2015.  This is just a reserve to your Windows 10 to download to your computer to install when its is launch.
We are not saying DON’T do this,  just make sure of a few things first.
  • 1. Is your hardware compatible.  (This should be if you have Windows 7 X64 installed already) Will you need to download new drivers for your hardware?
  • 2.  Do you have a slow internet connection? (This will take time to download and use your internet speed)
  • I know there are some companies and home users that have 2mb broadband still as BTopenreach have not got fibre to them still.
  • So think of this,  if you all say yes to the download how many 3Gb x how many PC you have will it download.  Do you have a capped limited?  It so This would use it.
  • 3. The look and feel is still like Windows 8.1, have you seen this? Did you like it?  The good news Windows 10 does have a much better start menu and goes to your desktop on log on.
  • 4. Check all your external hardware is compatible, again will there be drivers needed to be found and downloaded and installed?
  • 5, Most importantly, is all your software compatible with Windows 10?  This could be very costly to upgrade the software you need for 20 workstations or more. Make sure you check your upgrade status before you proceed.


If your using windows 7 and you had opted to use office starter (Free Version) when you bought your Computers remember word and Excel starter will no longer work.

So if your in doubt wait.  Ask a professional to install it, wait for a few months first,  Microsoft are offering this for a 1 year period you have time to make you mind up.

If you need advise speak to us.

Please add your comments and experience you have had with the Beta Windows 10 if you have used it.  Personally, I like Windows 10 and will be upgrading after the first few months,  not had many issues with the Window 10 pre-release.

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