What is remote support?

Scenario 1

home it services

Picture the scene; you’re working at home on your Business, quite happy with your cup of tea on the desk beside you, the sun streaming through the window, the cat stretched out asleep on the floor and you’re racing through your to-do list for the day … then suddenly, an unwanted window pops up on your screen. No matter where you click, you can’t get rid of it and you don’t know where it came from, Oh No, 😢 I have no one to call, wish I had Remote support with a IT company.   

Scenario 2

Even worse, when you turn your computer on in the morning, you could go and make a cup of tea, catch up with the news & take the dog for a quick trot around the block, all before the machine has actually managed to make it to your log in screen, 😢 wish I had Remote support with a IT company.   #slowcomputer 


Both are these scenarios are frustrating and sometimes panic inducing, but if you happen to be a sole trader or small business owner

working from home with no computer helpdesk to turn to, it can be a nightmare when you have deadlines to meet and clients to please.  Add to that mix a global pandemic and the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and the last thing

 you need to be worrying about is your IT support.

What can we do

Remote IT Support

That’s where Verbo Computers can come to the rescue with our secure ‘remote support’ service; this basically means that, with your permission, we can take control of your desktop machine remotely, so that we can see what you’re seeing.  We do this using a secure app called ‘Team Viewer’, which is a trusted remote support package widely used in the IT industry.  We will identify the problem and fix it for you, without you having to leave the comfort of your own home.  When we’ve finished doing what we need to do, we log out and you can get back to that to-do list.

Mobile Devices too!twitter

It’s not only a desktop service either – if you are having issues with a tablet, laptop, Mac or even a phone (either Android or iPhone), we can log on and sort it out, no matter where in the world you are.  We can even offer an ongoing remote support contract so that you have peace of mind, knowing that we’re there to help you as soon as you need us.

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