Windows 8 Menu

November 2013: This month we see the roll-out of Windows 8.1 and about time; Windows 8 got it’s a Start button back. After 5 months of the launch of Microsoft Windows 8 they are returning back to the Windows desktop and Start button in-place (not the same as Windows 7) of the new touchscreen driven Metro UI. The new metro will now become an application launch program. Other than a few bug fixes they have made it more flexible allowing resizing and layered apps in Metro UI.

Although the Start button is back you have to right click to get to use the menu. We still think to give some usability with the desktop an old style would be very useful. Our advice would be to try third-party menu like classic shell or even better Pokki menu from this is a different menu to Windows 7, however with companies like Lenovo installing this on their Windows 8 computers this does give the software creditability

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