IT Training

IT Training in Kent.

IT Training Services with Verbo Computers

We offer training on a wide range of Microsoft operating systems. If you need to learn the basics how to turn on, shutdown, cut and paste to the advanced knowledge about system drivers to Windows registry system.

We can provide a trainer to cover one to one or group training classes on the subjects of your choice.

Tell us your requirements and we will find you a solution. 

Training on all the following, choose the subject you need to learn.

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Outlook
  • Publisher
  • One Note
  • Access

Tell us your requirements and we will find you a solution.

Do you need to know how to edit your images for Facebook? Twitter? and other social media sites? Are those photos on your last holiday too dark? maybe just some with red-eye? Do you want to know how to edit these files from a basic knowledge to an advanced level, one to one or group classes programs can be with the following:

  • Photoshop
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Gimp
  • Google’s Picasa
  • Windows Paint


Tell us your requirements and we will find you a solution.

Make your YouTube video look professional with a little editing. Training on editing those videos from your mobile or camera can make you look like you know how to shoot a video and turn your shaky movie into something watchable.

Whether you want to upload them to your Facebook feed or YouTube channel, maybe burn them to DVD for your own viewing or for company adverts.

Have the training to know how it should be done.

Do you know how to really use your scanner and printer to get the results you can with today’s modern printers and scanners?

Have you tried emailing the scanned file only for it bounce back because its to large in size? Scanning at the correct DPI is essential to email or upload to your website.

Printers now have so many settings to change and try, do you know what settings will work best for the option you need to print?

Tell us your requirements and we will find you a solution.

At Verbo Computers we know important your data is, it’s essential you are responsible for your own data files, think how your company could grind to a half if you lost all your files and you had no backup!

Think of how you feel losing your loved ones pictures and videos when that’s all you may have left of them? 

We will train you to make sure you can backup important files you really never want to lose. We will show you software to make this easy.

Tell us your requirements and we will find you a solution.

Do you want to know how to use Dropbox or Youunited? Set your computer, tablet or mobile to put your selected files into the cloud to access anywhere.

Training on what cloud service you may need. Have your desktop in the cloud. Just some of the reason to have the training on what and how the cloud can help.

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud Computing
  • Exchange Email
  • Storage
  • Backups

Need to know how to burn your own CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disk? Do you have adverts to send to your customers or holiday snaps you need to post to loved ones. All types of disk burning can be shown how to be done with ease.

Verbo  Computers  offers  one  to  one  training  for  your  whole  business to individual and home user.

Don’t  be  scared  of  your  computer, tablet  or  even  smart  phone, have  us  show  you how it works, what you can do with your product and how to save valuable time. 

While  you’re  trying  to  learn  how  to  get  a  task  done  you’re  better  to  invest  and learn the fast correct way and save valuable time you don’t have.

We  cover  a  vast  amount  of  program  knowledge  that  one  of  our  trainers  will  show you  how  to  get  the  most  out  of  your  software  the  right  way.    Just  some  of  things we  know  our  customers  need  help  with  and  you  maybe  struggling  with  too; Windows  (all  versions)    Office,  2003  –  2013    (Word,  Excel,  Power  Point  Outlook, ect.)  Printing  and  Scanning,  Video  Editing,  Photo  Editing  Internet  Browsing  Data Backup CD / DVD Burning Installing Software, and much more.

Partners with F-Secure

As a parter with F-Secure, an award winning company, your tablet will have advanced firewall protection to secure you from viruses, malware & hackers.

Do you need help? We can remotely login and fix the issue.

Our engineers can provide a computer, mobile or tablet repair service anywhere in the UK. Contact us for further details, to arrange a remote support, or simply ask more about our remote support contracts.