Remote Support

Computer repair without leaving your office or home.

A Secure Connection with Verbo Computers

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Verbo Quick Support

Windows desktops & laptops & Apple Mac's.

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Verbo Hosted

Let Verbo Computers host the session.

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Verbo Android Support

Android phones and tablets remote support.

sos verbo computers remote support

Verbo Apple Support

iPhone and iPad remote support.

sos verbo computers remote support

Verbo Chrome Support

Chrome OS Quick Support

Slow computers to viruses and annoying pop-up windows, If your computer or Android tablet is not behaving or doing what it should then we a solution to connect to you no matter where you are in the world. As long as you have an internet connection we can fix any issue you have.

You can choose from a one-off payment of a monthly or yearly W-Secure remote support plan from as little as 30p per day. We can also cover your cloud backups to keep your data files safe. – Ask for more details.

How It Works...

Upon making a remote support contract purchase, you will need to download the corresponding TeamViewer Remote software to enable us to connect with your computer or mobile.

When the download is complete you will be prompted to input your remote ID and password, which we will have provided to you via email or text. Once the ID and password have been accepted we will have remote access to your device and shall get to work on resolving any computer repairs.

You can rest assured knowing your files are safe with us.

Do you need help? We can remotely login and fix the issue.

Our engineers can provide a computer, mobile or tablet repair service anywhere in the UK. Contact us for further details, to arrange a remote support, or simply ask more about our remote support contracts.